Our mission

Every day we look for innovative solutions for consumption management both in industry and at home for the best price, ensuring a high degree of living comfort and energy savings. We develop custom projects, with aesthetic study and design.
Trusting BMT Italy, you concretely contribute to sustainable development in order to respect the environment and conserve natural resources.

The Company

BMT s.r.l. was born in 2011, from the wise intuition of the partners to merge their experience in the technical thermo-sanitary sector and in the interior design and bathroom fields. The primary aim is to offer a complete, quick and high-quality service, both in the plumbing industry (norm. UNI 9182: 2013 2014) and in the house furniture and bathroom industry (decorative panels and design and tailor-made shower trays).

High quality

Our products are distinguished by reliability and quality.

TECH: focuses on the efficiency and the accuracy of the technical service
DESIGN: ranges from creativity to craftsmanship of handmade Made in Italy


BMT s.r.l. distributes for Italy, as an exclusive, the Taconova brand, leader in the adjustment and management of floor systems and solar collectors, as well as the adjustment of technical and drinking water flows (ACS) both in the industrial and domestic field.
Maximum comfort, high performances, quality, respect of the environment, products dedicated to alternative energies, easiness of application, custom settings, reduced energy consumption, cost savings with the minimum waste of resources. Here's what we distribute, this is why the respect for the environment is not an empty box.

In addition we commercialize heaters and radiators, pellet and multi-fuel biomass boilers, towel heaters, bathroom furniture, design products for the architecture spaces to be renovated, such as the innovative KOE45 panels.